Fundraise on your birthday

Do you have a milestone birthday coming up? Do you really need more presents? Consider asking your friends and family to donate on your behalf to iWOF. It’s easy. They can go to our Donate page and donate in your honour, while you receive an e-card notifying you of their gift.

Fundraise at work

Lunch with an Executive: Employees make a donation and are entered into a draw for a lunch with a top executive as a professional development opportunity.

Inter-departmental Challenge: Have inter-departmental fundraising challenges such as a sports day (bowling, table-tennis, baseball, darts, etc.) – reward the winning team with a free lunch or half day of work on a Friday.

Start a Monthly Giving Campaign: Encourage your colleagues to support your fundraiser by placing a container in a central location in your office, so that people can drop spare change in it. You can also have penalties for dirty cups left in the coffee room, leaving the printer cover open, not turning off office light when they leave, etc. Make it fun, it helps with team building as well.

Casual Day: Ask employees to bring a donation to participate in the day – like jeans day on Fridays in a more formal office.

Give It Up: Donate the money you would have spent on coffee and treats in one week to iWOF.

Breakfast: Host a pancake breakfast for the office, or better yet, the whole floor of your building. Invite them to make a donation to enjoy the meal with each other.

Fundraise at school

Host a Bake Sale: Sell a variety of baked goods to your student body and donate the proceeds to iWOF.

Theme Dress-up Days: Host a bold and creative themed dress-up day. Ask students to make a donation to participate and come to school dressed up as their favourite celebrity, a wacky hair day, the 60s, 70s, or 80s era, or whatever theme you can come up with.

Lip-synching Competition: Host a school-wide lip-synching contest. Encourage staff members and each grade to register their band. Charge an entrance fee for the student body and parents to watch the performance and vote for their favourite.

Student challenge: Challenge older grades to organize a fundraising activity for younger grades – maybe a sports day, or a  dance-a-thon, or a fun run.