Many children in DRC do not know when they will eat their next meal. Or where they are going to sleep tonight. Many cannot remember what their mother looked like. And many orphans on the street are not even 6 years old.

This is the reality for kids in Congo. Without us, these orphans roam the streets. Most people cannot travel to the Congo to help us fix this. It is not safe. But your donation can do what you cannot physically do.

We forward 97% of funds we raise

We are a volunteer-run, Canadian registered charity. 97% of all funds are forwarded to provide for the orphans. We have carefully selected an orphanage in the Congo, in east Africa, that is very efficiently run by a team, mostly consisting of volunteers who raise their own support.

Funding needs

  • 22 of the 35 orphans are already sponsored for basic needs and school fees at a cost of $40 per month. 13 children still need urgent sponsorship.


  • Help establish a self-sustaining permanent home and farming operation. We have already purchased 2 acres of land in April 2016. Donations will go towards establishing clean water, main building and reading centre, 6 small homes, and a solar energy system.
    • $15 buys a bag of cement
    • $80 buys a truckload of building sand
    • $250 buys a large solar panel
    • $450 buys a load of bricks
    • $3,500 completes the roof of one small house
    • $4,500 completes the foundation and floor of a small house
    • $9,800 provides a freshwater well for the orphanage and surrounding community
    • $18,900 completes a small house for 8 children and house Mom
    • $45,000 completes a 200 sq.m. dining hall/reading centre
    • $245,000 builds a self-contained village for 60 orphans and staff

Please DONATE to change lives